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Mike Kennedy


The NHS was the source of my continued education once leaving university, with rotations through orthopaedic rehabilitation. ICU & vascular surgery, respiratory medicine, acute orthopaedics and finally musculoskeletal physiotherapy. I then began specialising in musculoskeletal treatment, with additional training in hand therapy and rheumatology.

In January 2019 I transitioned to private physiotherapy, with an ongoing interest in sports injuries as well as knee, shoulder and spinal conditions.


  • MSc Physiotherapy - Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh 2013 - 2015

In QMU I chose to research topics such as the efficacy of manual therapy treatments, gender differences in cardiopulmonary  rehabilitation, and the impact of core stability training on balance in athletes.

  • Bachelors of Applied Psychology - University College Cork 2010 - 2013

My studies in this degree included research on the placebo effect, sporting performance under mental fatigue, decision making, and the impact of sleep and stress on function.​​



I personally have trained and competed in multiple sports over the years such as rowing, rugby, climbing, weightlifting and brazilian jiu jitsu. As such I possess a very practical understanding of sports related injuries. Paired with my degree in psychology I believe that aligning the physical and mental aspects of injury and rehabilitation are crucial to recovery and injury prevention.

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