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"I had a remote consultation with Mike after experiencing upper back pain that I was quite worried about. Mike was clearly extremely knowledgeable, kept me at ease, and asked the right kinds of questions to assess what might have caused me pain. As well as recommending specific physio exercises, he encouraged me to make small but effective lifestyle changes that will help me in the long term. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending a remote consultation with Mike to friends and family in the future."

"I can’t recommend Mike highly enough. From the first appointment he was attentive, diligent, professional and solution oriented. I felt that he cared and was invested in my improvement and recovery. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and shares his expertise in an empowering way without overwhelming or patronizing. I am delighted to have found Mike and would not hesitate to recommend his physio services. He’s the best!"

"I wasn't sure if sessions would be especially useful online, however Mike's advice was typically sage and practical, and the fact that it was over a video chat hardly mattered - I've been able to make some progress regardless. While covid persists, I'd definitely recommend an online consultation."

"For a few weeks I had ongoing pain in my shoulder. Mike assessed me efficiently and explained it in a way that I fully understood which helped while doing the exercises he gave me. He was so calm and helpful and my shoulder pain completely eased."

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