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Mike Kennedy


Physiotherapy Treatment

Across Edinburgh

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Welcome to the start of your recovery. After more than 10 years of experience in the physiotherapy profession in both NHS and private clinics across Edinburgh, I have helped thousands of people overcome their pain or disability and get back to their normal healthy selves.

​My philosophy is focused on education and movement to improve your health and performance. By understanding the mechanisms of your pain, and with an exercise programme tailored to your specific needs and goals, we will work together to ensure you recover as quickly as possible while also preventing future injuries.


Get a full physiotherapy assessment and treatment package in Edinburgh City Centre


Get treatment to ease aches and pains, including dry needling, deep tissue massage and joint mobilisation


Muscle, bone, nerve, joint pain
massage, needling, stretching, exercise, joint mobilisations


"I came to Mike when my lower back felt tight and painful. He did a great job at describing the issue as he saw it, as well as in terms appropriate to my level of understanding of physiotherapy.


The work that Mike prescribed began to work quickly, in a matter of a few training sessions. I updated Mike as to how things were going, and we adjusted the workload as necessary. Feeling some progress after having back pain for some time was a huge relief, especially as I had tried so many things before to little effect.


Apart from the clinical and theoretical competence of Mike, there’s another reason I will ask him for help in the future when I need it; the rapport he builds as a physiotherapist. Chronic injuries can be a mental burden to carry, and speaking to Mike was the first time in a long time that I learned about my injuries but felt better after. It’s so easy to fill your head with pessimism about how your body is broken irreparably in some way, but he managed to validate my experience with chronic pain while also not making me feel like the way forward was going to be endlessly difficult or pointless."

pain, injury, stiffness
hand, leg, back, neck, ankle, arm, sciatic, hip pain
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